• Ideal™ Basmati Rice from Pakistan

    Are you looking to import Pakistan Basmati Rice at competitive prices and guaranteed quality? Ideal™ Basmati rice is a leading brand of quality basmati rice from Pakistan with strong market presence worldwide and is the answer to quality concerns of world wide importers of Pakistani basmati rice. For centuries, the quality of Pakistan rice has been doubtful. Each consignment is backed by guarantee to contain minimum 88% purity to ensure highest quality of Pakistani basmati rice is packed in each bag of Ideal™ Basmati Rice.


Ideal™ Basmati Rice, Polypouch Bag

Has Rice Pakistan is one of Pakistan’s oldest and most reputed rice export company, incorporated in 1962 and having 2 state-of-the-art rice processing mills with combined milling capacity of 35 metric tons per hour (Mtons/hour). This family owned company has an international reputation for milling and exporting only the finest Pakistani traditional basmati rice..

Has Rice Pakistan is an ISO 22000, BRC (British Retail Consortium) and HACCP certified leading manufacturer in Pakistan of the Purest and Best Quality of Basmati Rice in our IDEAL™ brand.

Our customers are our life line. Our strength lies in efficiency and promptness of delivery of quality & authentic basmati rice as well as in effectiveness of transportation facilities whereby customers worldwide are assured of complete quality, quantity, weight & consistent deliveries.

Private Label Basmati Rice


648,200 finest basmati grains are processed & sold every second from our rice mills in Karachi, Pakistan.

Ideal Basmati is aged for minimum one year. The ageing process is as beneficial for Basmati as it is for Wine. For Basmati to blossom in all its unique attributes, it must be matured for at least one year.

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